Mechanical Pre-Turbo Water Injection

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Mechaical Pre-Turbo Water Injection

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This is the same kit used on our own 500+RWHP street Rx7 running 23psi on pump fuel!

This pre-turbo water injection kit is mechanically driven by your vehicle's forced induction system. It has no pump to fail and uses very few components. The key is in the special atomizing nozzle that generates a fog of water injected into the turbo inlet. It helps extend the compressor map efficiency without adding lag. Inside the combustion chamber, the water dramatically reduces knock. It raises the effective octane level above and beyond that of race fuel. Much higher boost levels, or leaner mixtures can safely be run which means more power without sacrificing reliability. 

Comes with everything needed to install.

  • Modified air atomizing nozzle (up to 750cc/min @25 psi)
  • 4 Quart Tank 11.756”H x 8.632”W x 4.173”D *(Other sizes available on request)
  • Quick connect fittings, lines, and flow control valve
  • Adjustable Boost switch/ solenoid
  • Wiring & filter

**Standard hose color is blue, other colors are available in the upgraded kit.

Upgraded Kit +$35.00 :Replaces the black/blue composite push to connect fittings with nickel plated push to connects, and your choice of hose color. (Colors available: Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Red, Natural and Yellow) 

We try to keep 2 kits in stock at all times, due to the nature of the kit we may need an additional week or 2 to assemble your kit. If this is a concern please contact us before ordering to verify stock.(upgraded kit not kept in stock)