Water injection install guide

Please read this complete page for best installation results. Installation is not detailed but there are important tips that will save you time and trouble.

Thank you for your Wannapseed Mechanical Water injection purchase! Installation should be done by a trained professional. (or a decent backyard mechanic)

The basic operation of the kit is simple. The turbo/supercharger pressurizes the tank, the boost switch activates the solenoid and water and air are sprayed into the intake inlet before the turbo/supercharger system.

Installation is straight forward :
1) Mount your tank.
2) Connect a line from the pressure side of the turbo/supercharger system to the top of the tank.
3) Run a line from the bottom of the tank to the filter inlet side
4) Run a line from the filter outlet to the solenoid inlet
5) Run a line from the solenoid outlet to the “water” side of the nozzle
6) Run another line from the pressure side of the turbo/supercharger system to the “air” side of the nozzle.
7) Connect the boost switch anywhere that sees intake pressure, the intercooler pipes work or anywhere you would connect a boost gauge is fine.
8) Run a +12v fused connection to either wire of the wiring harness (polarity doesn't matter)
9) Ground the “com” terminal on the boost switch.

10) Run a wire from the “NO”(normally open) terminal to the second wire on the harness, and plug it into the solenoid (“NC” terminal is not used) 

11) Securely mount the nozzle anywhere from 1”-18” of the intake inlet, try to make the path as direct to the turbo/supercharger inlet as possible. 

That's it, you can bench test the system using an air compressor set around 20 psi. To test water flow or check for leaks pressurize the tank and boost switch. It will flow out in a straight stream. To atomize the water you must also pressurize the air line on the nozzle.

The nylon hose can withstand temperatures up to 200*F, if you wish to connect them before your intercooler make sure that the hose can withstand the temperatures, or use the adapter fittings and a hose that can better withstand high temperature.

Cut the hose squarely, and try not to squish it down when cutting. Razor blade works best. Give the hose a tug to make sure it doesn't slip out of the push lock fitting, if you have trouble with it slipping out, scuff the last 1” of the hose. Small surface scratches all the way around with a razor blaze work well.

The boost switch can be adjusted using an Allen wrench. The size is the one that fits :)

If you experience ignition breakup you have a few choices, best is to upgrade your ignition. You can also do a 50/50 methanol mix, or lower the water rate using the meter valve mounted on the nozzle.

Warning: You must ensure the ferrell on the end of the atomizing nozzle is mounted tightly, you may use loctite for a more secure bond. You do not want this piece to fall off into your turbocharger!