• Pictured with PNP harness

Fast Reacting Air Temp Sensor


Get better idle, economy, & performance. Allows for easier more consistent tuning. Safer for the engine as it wont heat soak. Extremely accurate and fast response.

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This fast reacting open element sensor is for the 93+ Mazda RX7 (may fit other make/models) The extremely fast reaction speed of this sensor allows for a more precise tune. (better idle quality, higher performance, increase reliability and better fuel economy) It works exceptionally well with aux injection systems. The sensor probe has a protective coating to shield against alcohol, gasoline oils etc. The Optional Pnp Harness now comes with protective loom. *For more technical information, installation, and pictures, please visit the discussion thread at www.rotarycarclub.com.

  • No wiring required *with the optional plug n' play harness
  • All sensors tested prior to shipping
  • Same thread pitch as stock (M10 1.25), makes it a drop in sensor.

This sensor might work in other vehicles. You can use the following technical information to see if your sensor falls in the same range as the stock FD resistance vs temp. Stock sensor range based on Factory Service Manual.

Resistance vs Temp Chart

Stock Sensor Resistance Range       Wannaspeed Fast Reacting Sensor
@ 68° F  (20c)  2.20 - 2.70 Ohms Tested @ 68° F  (20c)  = 2.27 Ohms
@ 176° F (80c) 0.29 - 0.35 Ohms Tested @ 176° F (80c) = 0.34Ohms

Data sheet

Resistance @ 68° F (20c)
2.27 Ohms
Resistance @ 176° F (80c)
0.34 Ohms
Thread pitch
M10 1.25